As of late, headlines have been filled with updates about the death and suffering caused by the failure of the Texas power grid amidst an unprecedented cold snap for the region. But the events unfolding in The Lone Star State are only a symptom of a much bigger issue, America’s reliance on outdated and insecure infrastructure.

Many journalists have compiled fantastic deep dives into the events that lead to this disaster. From the poor management of ERCOT — the corporation managing power for 90% of Texas’ electrical load — to cost-cutting maneuvers employed by both private enterprise and state officials…

Two weeks ago I spent 40 dollars on a 5-year-old smartwatch from a now-defunct company with no active webservers to provide service to it. All that aside, I think it's actually one of my best eBay finds. I’ve always been a collector and avid wearer of watches. When I buy a watch, how it looks and what people may think when they see it are of little concern to me. I prefer instead to collect watches that I find interesting, most often due to the role they played in history or the story and values of the company that made…

I chose the most generic HTML image possible to make the article look more legit

As long as there are discussion forums like 4chan /t/ and stack overflow, there will be those that will assert that HTML is a language. These people are categorically wrong and pose a potential threat to the gene-pool. Satirical and politically incorrect eugenics humor aside, explaining the reasoning behind my assertion that HTML is not a programming language reveals some interesting aspects about the nature of programming languages that you may never have considered. Hopefully by the end you will walk away knowing something you didn’t when the day began.

Proponents of this fallacy typically cite the fact that the…

Cole Kraten

Cybersecurity analyst, software engineer, and Math/Science focused educational TikTok content creator with over 100,000 followers.

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